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BBL Wednesday 4-18-12

3:30pm: Chuck Colston Update
4:00pm: Worries of Voters
4:30pm: American Idols
5:00pm: Bible Survey
5:30pm: It's All About The Book

BBL Tuesday 4-17-12

3:30pm: Susan G Koman Latest
4:00pm: Cohabitation up 1500%
4:30pm: Humans/Animals Study
5:00pm: Authority of Scripture
5:30pm: The Taxation of America

BBL Monday 4-16-12

3:30pm: Live from 'Almost Heaven'
4:00pm: Secret Service Scandal
4:30pm: Keeping up Appearances
5:00pm: The Voice
5:30pm: New Editions of Bible

BBL Friday 4-13-12

3:30pm: Open Phone Friday 1
4:00pm: Open Phone Friday 2
4:30pm: Open Phone Friday 3
5:00pm: Open Phone Friday 4
5:30pm: Open Phone Friday 5

BBL Thursday 4-12-12

3:30pm: Ann Romney
4:00pm: Women in the Workplace
4:30pm: Vanderbilt Name Change
5:00pm: Camp Pendleton Cross
5:30pm: Colonel Allen West